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I always love to hear from current and previous clients – so please drop me a line for a review 🙂

I have had several hypnotherapy sessions with Helen. At our first meeting, she made me feel completely at ease and spent a lot of time getting to know my background and understanding exactly what I wanted to achieve so she could personalize her approach specifically to my needs. The sessions were challenging, enjoyable and effective and I have no hesitation in recommending Helen to anyone who wants to explore this route.
Mr. S


Helen was amazing. I would love to say I remembered a lot about the session but I spent most of it under hypnosis. She is really easy to talk to and I felt much better.
Jono M


I went along not really knowing why. All I knew was I had anxiety issues that had stayed with me for far too long.

When I got there I felt a sense of relief, to be able to sit in a completely safe environment and face my fear, and not be judged was to me quite special. Helen took me too safe a place and although it was a bit of a journey it was, for me it was the best thing I ever did.

I had come out of a very intense relationship and was struggling. I left not really knowing if I was ok yet. Fate played a hand very soon after that and I found I could cope. You see I met the person who had caused me so much sorrow and I found I had the tools within me; I was able to face what had scared me for so long. And I was able to deal with all the emotional hurt and I was on the road to be being me, to being ok.

Ms. L


Fantastic service! Was a bit sceptical but I was put at ease quickly and the results speak for themselves I stopped smoking after the main session and have never touched one again in over two years!

Very professional yet personalised service Highly recommended!

James M


I first went to Helen as I wanted help about the anxiety I was feeling about starting my first job as a qualified nurse. Not only did Helen help me with this but we also looked at my fear of driving and my wedding nerves. Each session was a blend of hypnotherapy, relaxation and lifestyle coaching. I always left each session feeling like I was fully relaxed and floating on a cloud.

Helen had an empathetic and supportive manner and with this what would have been a very stressful period I was able to enjoy the life-changing events in my life.

Ms. H


Having smoked for most of my adult life, I was motivated to give up for health reasons, particularly in respect of regular episodes of bronchitis and asthma. I had tried several times before, without success. Patches and inhalers hadn’t helped, I didn’t want to go down the prescription medication route (which hadn’t worked for several of my friends), and my 2 copies of “that” book about giving up smoking had only been of any utility when they were put to use supporting my bed when one of the legs broke.

I knew a couple of people who had success in giving up through hypnotherapy, and as keen as I was to give up I knew that I needed some help. I contacted Helen after getting a recommendation from a good friend, who had also given up under her treatment. After an initial assessment to confirm my suitability I returned for a longer appointment that started the process, followed a week later by the main session after which I was a non-smoker.

The “hypnosis” was actually a very calming experience, more of a very relaxed state of consciousness than the “oblivious” state which I had mistakenly anticipated; I found the experience so enjoyable that it required quite some effort to return to the normal state of alertness when this was required at the end of each session. 16 months on and I haven’t had a cigarette. My breathing is much improved, and the nightly coughing is no more. I feel so much healthier as each month goes by. The lack of smoking is even more remarkable given that this period has seen a number of life events that would have in the past had me reaching for the nicotine support sticks as a support mechanism. This is not to say that I haven’t had the occasional nicotine cravings, but they usually pass within seconds by just thinking about something else, and for the rare ones that last longer, Helena gave me a technique that put them out of mind, and I haven’t needed to use that since the middle of last year, 8 months ago. In addition to the health benefits, there has been a considerable financial bonus.

I used to spend £30 a week on tobacco, and within 2 months I has already paid off the cost of the hypnotherapy treatment. 16 months later and I am nearly £2,000 better off – and feeling so much better. I wish I’d done it years ago.

Dave B


Helen is a great hypnotherapist and has a very calming and reassuring manner and a vast knowledge of different techniques which have enabled great results for me.


As a heavy smoker, I had excellent preparation making sure and motivating me towards my stop date. Also, I had helped to relax and find my calm place. The hypnotherapy session itself then was totally relaxing where I could hear everything being said.

Afterwards, it was like someone had turned a switch! Not only did I find it easy to stop smoking, I felt really happy about it too! I would highly recommend.

Katherine H


I came to see Helen as a friend recommended her. I had a fear of public speaking and had recently been promoted to a job where I would be required to chair meetings and needed much more professional communication skills.

She immediately put me at my ease and I felt I could trust her to help me. We worked out my needs and my goals and she encouraged me to develop self-help too.

She helped me so much with my anxiety and nerves and after 4 sessions I felt confident enough to speak in public and chair all the meetings I was required to.

She really helped with my career progression. I cannot recommend her enough.

Mr G


I came to Helen after being recommended by a friend and I am so pleased that I did.

Her calm demeanour and the well-structured scripts that she creates for her sessions really helped me to relax and visualize my way to recovery.

Helen helped me to let go of past traumas, find inner peace and embrace my future goals. I am so thankful to her.



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