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Hypnosis for Sports success

Can hypnosis help with sports performance?

There are many athletes who have used hypnosis for sports success. Most professional sports teams include a sports psychologist who helps athletes with their mental concentration. The best athletes and sportspeople all have a common edge of being able to achieve the mental state of “being in the zone”. This is the subconscious mind goes into autopilot and your attention is totally focused.

Hypnotherapy for sports performance

Hypnotherapy for sports performance is about the mind/body connection. Let us help you to develop the mental strength to perform your best. Do you:

  • Experience conflicting emotions?
  • Fear failure?
  • Experience a sinking feeling before an event?
  • Give in too early?
  • Get mixed messages of thought?
  • Doubt your ability?
  • At key moments have reduced self-belief?

Hypnotherapy can enhance sports performance because our bodies respond to the way that we act, feel and think. Since neurotransmitters are always travelling to and from your brain to the cells of our body our mental and physical self are in constant communication.

The mind-body connection

The subconscious mind and physical body are linked for sure and combining psychology and neuroscience is paramount for a holistic understanding of the mechanism that underlies human behaviour.

Through balancing the mind and body and encouraging the transmission of messages hypnosis helps people to achieve optimum focus and thus performance. This is highly beneficial for athletes and when people are trying to overcome psychological and physical resistance to activities.

Ultimate athletic performance

Sports Hypnosis can dramatically improve your overall performance. Athletes use Hypnotherapy to help them relax and visualise their sporting performance.

Used as part of psychological training, hypnosis has improved the competition performance and training results for many famous sportspeople such as Andre Agassi, Andre-Pierre Gignac, Frank Bruno, Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and Tiger Woods. 

Hypnosis can be used to achieve a phenomenal level of success and to for instance:

  • Increase mental stamina.
  • Reducing stress.
  • Relaxing their golf swing.
  • Judging football trajectory.
  • Increasing focus.
  • Prevent mental illness.
  • Perfecting their skill.
  • Finely tuning technique.
  • Overcoming self-doubt.
  • Overcoming performance anxiety.
  • Dealing with injury pain.

By creating a heightened level of awareness hypnotherapy helps to achieve higher levels of focus for performance.

As an altered state of consciousness hypnotherapy is characterised by physiological attributes such as increased access to unconscious thoughts, enhanced receptivity to suggestion and slowed breathing.

Focus your mind, spirit and body

Our holistic approach and the process of hypnotherapy will help you to focus on healing, growth and transformation.

By combining hypnosis with your training regimen to enhance performance, your stress will be reduced and your concentration increased.

Our multifaceted approach enhances mental skills, helps to manage mental health concerns and ultimately leads to improved sporting performance for athletes.

If you would like to achieve a deeper level of awareness and find resolutions to problems then feel free to call me for an informal chat about taking the first steps towards changing your sports performance.

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